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Bateman's Bay

Becalmed at Sunshine Cove, Bateman's Bay, NSW

Our good friends, Liz and Richard, offer their unique and  private luxury 5 bedroom holiday home on the shores of Sunshine Cove, 8km south of Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast.


Becalmed is furnished with luxury sofas and rugs, 1000-count linen and wool quilts, and features stunning ocean views, an expansive deck, sunlounges, outdoor dining and direct beach access.


Make a memorable road trip from Melbourne to Sydney, or reverse, and stay at both Lin House (6.5 hours from Melbourne, 7 hrs from Sydney, 4 hrs from Canberra) and Becalmed (2 hours from Canberra, 4 hrs from Mallacoota, 4 hrs from Sydney).

Becalmed Bateman's Bay holiday accommodation

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Mallacoota Real Estate +61 (03) 5158 0600


We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this country, the Bidwell (Bidhawal, Bidawal) First Nations people, and respect their continuing connection to the land, the waters, the plants and the animals therein.

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